Could you be a #techmums trainer?

I just got this laptop at such a deal!

We had a great meeting this week with some fabulous experts who are working with us to put together a groundbreaking train the #techmums trainers program. #techmums is all about helping mums to get over their fears of technology, taking them by the hand and leading them gently to a place where they can see what opportunities there are in tech for them and for their families. It’s also about having a lot of fun during that process and meeting some like minded mums to have good chat to as well.

With that in mind, we were really keen to get some help from some experts in areas like change management, coaching and confidence building. The tech in #techmums is of course important, but in fact, building mums’ confidence and making sure that they are enjoying what they are doing is important too.

Thanks to the wonderful Gill Crowther at Nominet we have got to know some really great people in this space who are helping us to put together a cutting edge #techmums train the trainer program. Asher, Kurshed and Mandy from Relume plus Aly King-Smith from Clearworks coaching and our own Dr Sue Black came together this week to start work on putting the program together.

The result was a great meeting of minds and huge excitement around what they came up with together. We will be training our first set of six lucky trainers in February 2014. They are in for a very exciting couple of days training and then the opportunity to really change lots of mums and their families lives.

Are you up for the challenge? Do you have what it takes to be a #techmums trainer? We are looking for six enthusiastic and caring people with a passion for technology *and* a passion for training and developing mums, to be our pioneer trainers. Attitude is more important than technical expertise as full training will be given. Does that sound like you? Click here for more details:

Tech trainers wanted for pioneering social startup

Or get in touch if you have any questions:

The #techmums revolution starts here…

#techmums is all about giving mums the opportunity to take part in the digital revolution. In 10 hours of intensive, hands on workshops we take mums, who can be disempowered around technology, from being scared of the keyboard to being tech savvy.

Our pilot has shown that we can make a dramatic difference to women’s self esteem and confidence with tech, affecting not just them but their whole family. This campaign seeks funding to give 140 mums in the poorest area of the UK the chance to become a #techmum.

We are currently rolling out #techmums in Tower Hamlets and in Surrey, we would love to hear from you if you work at a school and would like to run #techmums or if you are a mum and would like to be a #techmum.


What’s the problem?

If you are comfortable with computers and tech savvy there are many opportunities for you to take that further. You could set up your own business, take a course online, you can interact with the world in whatever way you choose.

But, what if you are afraid of the keyboard? What if you believe that Facebook ruins your kids’ lives and you don’t know how to stop it? What if you need to send emails at work, but you don’t know how to, and are embarrassed to tell anyone?

Why do we care?

25 years ago our Founder Dr Sue Black was a single parent with 3 children living in poverty. Through tech education Sue was able to bring her family out of poverty, earn a decent living and create a better future for them all. She knows first hand what a difference education and confidence with technology can make and now wants to give that opportunity to other mums.

We are Savvify: Emma, Sue and Clare. Three mums with nine kids between us who think mums sometimes get left behind when it comes to tech. We have created #techmums to change that.

What is #techmums?

#techmums is a short, hands on course that introduces mums to app design, social media, Python coding on Raspberry Pi’s and much more. We believe that confidence with technology can change lives for the better. Mums are the cornerstone of the family, so if we can change mums’ confidence we can change the whole families’ outlook and prospects. We want to give everyone the opportunity they deserve to take part in the digital revolution.

We recently ran a very successful #techmums pilot. In just 10 hours we took mums from being afraid of the keyboard and scared of what their kids are doing on Facebook to being confident with tech. Through intensive hands on workshops we worked with mums to give them confidence and help them to see and understand the opportunities that are out there for themselves and their families.

Does #techmums work?

Dr Lela Koulouri, a researcher from Brunel University measured our #techmums attitude towards technology throughout our pilot, the results are below. Just look at that massive increase in confidence with technology over the 5 weeks. Lela also found that mums’ overall confidence in themselves increased too. This was backed up by Nick Soar, the Headmaster at Bishop Challoner where we held our pilot. He said that not only did the mums’ confidence improve, but he also saw a difference in their children too. Great stuff!!

What’s next?

We are going to run #techmums across several schools in Tower Hamlets and Surrey. We chose Tower Hamlets because it is the most deprived borough in the UK, it has the highest percentage of free school meals in Great Britain.

Our plan is to roll #techmums out across Tower Hamlets, Surrey and then London. After that we will be working hard to get #techmums rolled out across the UK and then the world! Want to join the #techmums revolution?


#techmums impact

#techmums has already made an impact, as you can tell in our video above. Ahmina is no longer scared of the keyboard, Chyna has got over her fears of tech and is really enjoying it, several of our #techmums were really worried about staying safe online, they are no longer afraid. Knowledge is power.

#techmums is important to individuals, but it is also important to society, to business and the economy. The more people that are tech savvy, that understand the opportunities that are available both to them and to their families, the more our society as a whole will start to embrace and take part in the digital revolution. The UK was instrumental in the industrial revolution due to our great innovation, invention and creativity. Let’s make sure that we are instrumental in the digital revolution too. #techmums is just the start….

Helping #techmums

Please tell everyone that you think could be interested in #techmums about us. We plan to take #techmums across the UK and then the world, but we can only do that with your help.


We want mums, schools and potential trainers who are interested in taking part to sign up on the#techmums site so that we can see where there is interest and start putting together a plan and the infrastructure to make the UK and then the world #techmum friendly.

Today Tower Hamlets, tomorrow the world….. Go #team #techmums!!

#techmums Thelma gets a job

How awesome is this? One of our fabulous #techmums Thelma has got a new job because of her participation in the #techmums program. How awesome is that? :)


Here’s the email from Thelma:

Hi again #Techmums,

I am so grateful for the course because as a direct result of our #Techmums training, I landed a new job where I have a special element attached to my Job Description of keeping an eye on the company’s Social Media site!

There are very few people who have been trained in the subjects we learnt, so it does look good to potential employers.



#techmums has only just started but is having great success already. Well done to all of our mums. You rock!

If you would like to sign up for #techmums you can do that on our website:


Team #techmums, left to right: Emma, Sue and Clare at Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator recently.